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Most baller porn watching station EVER

As the misfit blogger of the online personal finance community I am always reading a multitude of articles published on sites more popular than mine.  I do this for my own enjoyment, education and to remind myself that at this point telling people I have a website is like a middle school basketball player telling people he has a shoe deal.  I look for articles that have unique angles on personal finance, business, career, pop culture or just stupidity, not your run of the mill “how to save on coffee” articles that were authored in a Indian village under tiger attack.  So without further ado, below are the personal finance articles I read this week that didn’t suck[1]:

ClubThrifty wrote about legalizing marijuana, one of my favorite… let’s say topics. Also, there was an incredible, not to be missed hilarious piece of satirical advice published there, Five Ways to Successfully Slack Off at Work.  I think you might recognize the author (pssst… it was me).

ModestMoney asked, Does Everyone Need an Emergency Fund? Probably, but the size doesn’t need to be too large if your credit is superior.  If your credit is bad, this article serves as yet another reason that needs to be fixed.

 FrugalRules wrote about employers compensating their low-pay employees with pre-paid debit cards instead of checks convertible to cash.  I wasn’t aware this was occurring, and now that my eyes are open I am even gladder I am not an immigrant.

 MyMoneyDesign shared his thoughts about motivation in the workplace and mind control.  I have always felt the workplace is where Big Brother lives; usually he is your boss.

The Great Jollyhoombah wrote about how she does good, but is a no do-gooder.  She is one odd-duck, let me tell you.  She even walks like a duck down grocery store aisles.  She is also delightful.

 Krantcents wrote about the things that must be done to succeed at real estate investing.  As a real estate investor, I can co-sign this article as being a good starting place for people thinking about becoming a miserable land lord.

 Studentdebtsurvivor wrote about vet expenses and whether it is worth spending money on your pet’s healthcare.  In my opinion one should never take on a pet without first reserving a plot in the backyard for them, but that is just my opinion.  Read about hers.

 20somethingfinance gives you seven reasons to not buy a home. I have long argued that buying a home is 90% of the time the wrong decision, but I haven’t written about that at length so you will have to take it from G.E. Miller for now.  I think you will find him trustworthy, TIME does.

Seeking Staff Writing Positions

I wanted to reaffirm that I am currently seeking staff writing positions, so if you’re hiring please contact me.

Guest Posting on Snarkfinance

If you can write intelligibly in English and are looking to do some guest posts to help promote your blog or gain a writing credit, please see the guidelines for guest posting here.

That is it for the week.  I will be relaxing after a 60-hour week at the grind-house courtesy of the annual business plan, skating, watching Cat in the Brain and having sex.  What will you be doing?

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Plenty of reading left to do on this sight, and you know your bored anyway.  A few gems:

Why Excel should be taught in High School

Income Distribution in America

What Would William Hung Do?

Alright!  Enough links… go outside!

[1] Just because your article wasn’t listed doesn’t mean I thought it sucked.  Thicken up, kid.

9 responses to “The Week in Review

  1. Thanks for including me. I’m humbled to be in the company of others who don’t suck. Although I was once included in a list of “posts that suck”, I won’t name that blogger because he doesn’t deserve the free publicity ;-). Enjoy the weekend!

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