Personal Finance Articles I Read This Week That Didn’t Suck, August 9th

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Lemmewinks has really inspired the rodent kingdom…

Out in cyberspace somewhere is a lost human being bogged down in debt and terrible spending habits who things the internet is mostly for nut-trauma videos and strange forms of pornography.  Should they ever type in “personal finance” or “debt reduction” into the Google or bling-Bing, and then search through the first 70 pages they may find a little site called Snarkfinance, and perhaps even this here post.  Perhaps they then find a world of wonderful personal finance sites, and change their lives.  That is what it is all about, isn’t it people?  Well, that and the occasional post about man boobs or, as I like to call them: “mits”.

Cashmoneylife wrote about why you should take a vacation. Are you reading this, National Lamboon?  That is what you call a double-entendre slam.

iHeartBudgets explained how you can save money by not being a jerk.  Personally I am not convinced, I save plenty of money on dates by being a jerk.  Just ask my fiancé.

Len Penzo, who is a artier of odd, has been running a series written by people who live on less than $40,000 annually.  Hint: they don’t live in big cities, and aren’t on the coasts (so not where I live).

DebtRoundup published about how to reduce household expenses once your teen starts to drive.  I have better advice: if you have daughter make sure she is always dating guys with cars (the cooler the car the better), with large backseats because large backseats are safer.  Problem solved.

 Femmefrugality recently re-launched with a new design that is cleaner than George Zimmerman’s record (to soon?).  You should check her site out if you have not, or her guest post at this very site: Setting up a New Life as a Young Mother.  If you like the guest post, follow the blog!

 Seeking Staff Writing Positions

I wanted to reaffirm that I am currently seeking staff writing positions, so if you’re hiring please contact me.

 Guest Posting on Snarkfinance

If you can write intelligibly in English and are looking to do some guest posts to help promote your blog or gain a writing credit, please see the guidelines for guest posting here.

Below is the best guest post query letter I received this past week:

Title: FREE GUEST POSTING (caps are real and hers, not mine)


 I’m &##&, a blogger. I found your blog interesting and informative. I intend to guest post an article in around 500 words of high quality unique content and that would be completely free for you .  If this is something you could allow me to do, In return I add a single link to our site.

Please let me know if this sounds good to you so we can start working together in earnest. Looking forward for a favorable response.

 Thanks 🙂

Since I added specific guidelines for guest posting at snarkfinance, I feel it is my duty on behalf of all other serious, competent bloggers to begin posting these obviously foreign, link-baiting pile of crap guest post quires publically, like sticking dead bodies outside your home as a warning to others.   Also, the sentence, “If this is something you could allow me to do, In return I add a single link to our site” is incredible on multiple levels.  This would be like me saying, “if you let me sleep at your house, in return I will have sex with your wife”.

 Best Search Terms of the Week

Search terms that somehow landed people on Snarkfinance and would make my parents proud:

  • Bathroom voyeur
  • Voyeur cam
  • Midget joke
  • William Hung

This weekend I will be in the proud nation of Canadia enjoying the square wheeled cars, custard, questionable French accents and copious amounts of strippers because it will be my bachelor party.  Do not expect a post on Monday, per the usual schedule, as I will be incredibly hung over and filled with shame.

What you are all up to?

11 responses to “Personal Finance Articles I Read This Week That Didn’t Suck, August 9th

  1. Thanks for including my post in your “best of”. I actually agree with your tip that a daughter should date only guys with sweet cars. That would be a huge help.

    I get those guest posting emails like once a day. Do they think they are doing me a favor?

  2. Mitchell! The search terms alone were worth the read and your parents ought to puffed up like blow fish with pride over them, for real. Thanks for mentioning the man boobs post and adding the term mits to my repertoire of inappropriate smut that I use online. Also, it may be nice to achieve greatness, but not sucking ain’t so bad. Have a super voyeuristic voyage of a weekend!

  3. Thank you so much, Mitchell! When I get those emails I reply back and tell them I’ll let them sleep with my wife for money (to follow your analogy.) I’m hoping one day they’ll write back and tell me okay. I love the ones who are upfront about writing sponsored guest posts, though. They’re usually writing unique content, too, but aren’t trying to pull one over on you.

  4. Bathroom voyeur – Thats a classic. Its amazing some of the terms Google allow people to find my site with as well. We need get you a lot better position in Google maybe the first 40 pages will do.

    Good luck with the writing positions I hear that there are a lot of them out there.

  5. Enjoy your bachelor party! Don’t forget to get some of that delicious poutine, that’ll take care of your hangover!

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