Snark Finance is meant as educational entertainment, mostly on the topic of finance.  There are plenty of sites focusing on personal finance and many of them are tremendous and well worth reading, but there is something missing from them: an attitude, or approach to communicating financial knowledge that lifts the posting out of the normal and into the realm of entertainment.  Finance is like bourbon whiskey in that its an acquired taste, and for many requires a chaser.  Consider our jokes and attitude the chaser.  It’s a smooth cocktail.

This isn’t to diminish the content, which we will always strive to make relevant, accurate and easy to understand.  By reading Snark Finance you will become well-versed in finance and other related topics. You will become exposed to, pending the topic, unique and effective ways to approaching financial matters.  You will become an educated, independent free-thinking non-sheep.

This site is primarily aimed at young adults, those recently graduated smart-people with a piece of paper that makes it official.  Those that don’t understand interest rates, or do, but funnel all their money into looking like a million bucks instead of having a million bucks.  We believe that if we can entertain you we can trick you into learning and applying financial concepts in your life.  Like the best stand-up comedy, its entertainment through indoctrination.

This “about” page isn’t entertainment, however.  Its an ideological outlay.  Despite our goal of entertaining, we take the mission of educating young adults seriously.  An ease with financial and business matters is a requirement for living a fruitful and industrious life in today’s world.  It reduces divorce and improves educational attainment, it secures futures and elongates lifespans, and it redirects market forces back where they belong: to the hands of the masses.  Seen in this light, our mission is no laughing matter.  So no laughs here, not in the “about” page.  Behind the penis jokes lay a serious undertaking.

So read on, learn and enrich yourself.  Plenty of penis jokes to be had, we promise.

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The articles and information available on this site are for educational and reference purposes only. They do not constitute, and should not be construed as, legal or financial advice. Any legal or financial principles discussed here are for general information purposes only and may differ substantially in individual situations and/or in different states or countries. For specific legal or financial advice, please consult a licensed attorney or a financial professional.

Post Frequency & Accuracy

Currently we post about one new article per week (sometimes two), usually towards the end of the week.  Please share any article you like with anyone you think may enjoy it, as readership grows so will posting frequency.

Should anyone find any information regarding a topic to be misleading or slightly askew in terms of fully educating the reader (in terms of facts) please let us know via email, not the message board.  The message board is not for public shaming or dick headed comments aimed towards those that read and enjoy this site (or help operate it), but for expansion of the topic the article is on.  We of course reserve the right to delete any message board post as we see fit.

Guest Posts and Staff Writing

If you would like to guest post on Snarkfinance, please email us at snarkfinance@gmail.com with your (real) name, finished article, and a synopsis of that article.  Please place your contact information ABOVE the synopsis, and the synopsis ABOVE the article which shall be posted within the body of the email.  We will not open any attachments.

We are available for staff writing assignments, please contact us regarding any interest.

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