Community contributions is where articles written and contributed by Snarkfinance readers who are non-bloggers are posted.  We think that there are a host of great writers out there with compelling advice, opinions and experiences who just need an outlet to share, and perhaps would prefer a more “professional” one such as a well run blog than a forum.  Well, this is the spot.  If you think you can contribute anything unique, compelling and competently written we would love to publish it on Snarkfinance.com.  Before hucking over an email, please take the time to read over the below FAQs for more information regarding Community Contributions and submission guidelines.

How are Community Contributions any different than guest posts?

Good question, bro.  Guest posts are meant to be from other bloggers and organizations and will appear in the main feed, while Community Contributions posts will appear only in the Community Contributions category.  This means visitors to Snarkfinance.com will have to click on the Community Contributions link at the top of the main page to see the latest Community Contributions posts.

What types of articles are you looking for?

Anything related to business, finance, college, lifestyle, pop culture or some combination of those.  The article should be poignant in that it overviews a unique situation or perspective.  It does not have to be written in the same tone as our main Snarkfinance articles.  Use your own voice.  Just make sure that voice is competent.

Why Community Contributions?

Several reasons: 1) we recognize that we are only able to produce so much content over a given period and so Community Contributions posts are a great way to expand the volume of content offered on Snarkfinance, 2) we try to write all our articles from the perspective we know and believe in, but wanted to create a spot for others to express theirs, 3) we wanted a place to publish the opinions of our readers who disagree with us (subtle distinction from #2), 4) we recognize that there are tremendous experiences just waiting to be shared by people who may not want to frequent a forum and aren’t interested in starting a blog themselves.  This is also a more professional, “full package” outlet for their writing than a forum section.

How do I submit?

Send an email with fully written article included in the body of the email to Snarkfinance@gmail.com with a short bio about yourself.  That is it.  We intend to publish any article we feel adds value to our readership, and so long as your submission meets this criteria and is well written it will be published.  Noteit may be a few weeks until it goes live (pending the volume of quality articles we receive).

Tips for Submissions

Surf around Snarkfinance.com’s main categories to see what has been covered, and determine if you have a unique spin on an already covered topic.  Conversely, determine what has not been already covered.  Or share a story. So long as the article isn’t a mimicry of the main Snarkfinance.com articles in both topic and tone, we will consider it.

Looking forward to publishing you!

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